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04 Is He Just Messing With Me Or Am I His Emotional Booty Call – Dating Help With Single Smart Female

Does he give you crazy mixed signals Lovergirl?

Ever wonder if he is just playing mind games? Find out on this episode of Single Smart Female podcast.





Essential Learning Points from this Episode:

04:44 – If you are hyperfocused on a man, you do not give him space to fall for you.
05:11 – Your options should be open. You need to bring other great men into your life
05:58 – We women can do as we please romantically. You can date indefinitely until you choose who your forever man will be
06:24 – Adored women do not pay attention to men who ignore them
06:45 – You need to prioritize the rest of your love life.
07:02 – A guy who ignores you when you see him is a huge red flag
07:31 – We set men up to treat us the way that we want to be treated.
08:03 – Every time you acknowledge men who treat you badly, you are telling the universe that you don’t really need a great love life.
08:57 – In the process of falling in love, we have to do things and care for people in the process of action rather than just feelings
11:27 – There’s nothing wrong to message a man first, but if you are the only one pursuing a man for his attention, it never works.
12:27 – It is hard to draw in love when you are bitter and resentful.
17:52 – There is nothing wrong with sampling the menu, but you should never settle for scraps.


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