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15 Why Won’t He Commit? Dating Advice With Single Smart Female

I cook him dinner. I get him gifts. He has even told his family how awesome I am.

But we still aren’t in an exclusive relationship. Why won’t he commit?

Find out why this happening as well as updates on Jenn’s love life on this episode of Single Smart Female.





01:22 – This is the question from Irresistible Iris from Tennessee
04:14 – Women should always remember this
04:45 – Early 20 somethings should do this while they’re young
05:13 – Don’t do this especially in difficult relationships
06:23 – This is something all women are guilty of at one point
07:45 – This is what you should do until you find your forever man
08:01 – This is what you need to be focusing on
08:41 – You have to let a relationship go if this is the case
08:55 – Women are capable of this
09:41 – Don’t keep doing this. Great relationships don’t come out of it.
11:58 – If you don’t do this, you can’t get a guy to be more than he is right now
13:17 – Too many women do this and the truth is, it hurts them
13:48 – Women should stop doing this
18:35 – A lot of women do this without realizing that it is not doing their relationship any good
19:16 – The more fascinating you find your own life, the more fascinating the right men will find you.

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