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#FairyDustTV Episode 34, What Do The Best Online Dating Profiles For Women Include?

An online dating profile isn’t just a bunch of photos and a few random words you chose off the top of your head. Find out what the best online dating profiles have to captivate the right man’s attention.

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#FairyDustTV Video Transcript:

What Do The Best Online Dating Profiles For Women Include?

I definitely get it.

I understand 100% that there is very little more nerve wracking than opening up an online dating account and trying to figure out what to say in your online dating profile.

In today’s show we are going to talk about 3 very important pieces that you should include in your online dating profile.

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No. 1 Good, current, clear photos

best online dating profilesYou must have images that are recent –even if you think you look exactly like you did three years ago.

If you don’t have images that were taken in the last six months, this is going to hinder your online dating experience significantly. Specifically, you are going to get a lot of men asking you to send them extra pictures (besides the ones you have posted). Why? Because we’re all nervous online. We’re all nervous that somebody is going to show up and they don’t look anything like their photo.

I get it.

I totally understand why men are requesting these extra photos all the time. We women are putting up stuff (and I’m not gonna say that the men are doing any better) with that MySpace angle with the duck lips etc. where we’re trying to look thinner and we’re not giving an actual visual of who we are.

You don’t have to be a size 0 in order to have men to attract men online that want to have a conversation with you and go out on dates with you.

If you’re one of those women who want to look a little thinner or a lot thinner in her photos I want you to instead be accurate, be who you are. Be the version of who you are but it has to be an accurate version.

PRO TIP: Make sure you include one current full length photo.

No. 2 Enthusiasm about your life

Honestly, a lot of the profiles I see women put up, make me want to hack. These profiles have nothing to them, nothing interesting at ll.

Yes, I know that you’re nervous putting it together and I know you don’t know exactly what to say.

You are a fascinating woman whether you believe it or not and that needs to come out in your profile. It doesn’t mean that you have to have this laundry list of wonderful things about you.

BUT When you share stories, when you share pieces of you and when you create a visual of your life through your words, you make yourself 100% irresistible in the right man’s eyes.

When you have great pictures, plus you have great enthusiasm about your life, you start to push away all the creepy guys out there.

You want to know why?

best online dating profilesBecause those guys are so insecure. What they see and what they read in your online dating profile is how they assess if you would ever give them a chance. If you have something really good out there, something that shows that you are a quality, fun woman to be around, then he’s gonna say “She’s not gonna even give me the time of day so why should I try?

When you put very little in your profile, however, you’re gonna get a lot of crazy guys contacting you because they think: “This chick has nothing going on, she might give me an opportunity”.

It’s very important you showcase enthusiasm about your own life. Don’t come across as bitter, negative, having nothing positive in your life. Don’t come across as if you have nothing going on either (even brilliant women do this). I know brilliant women who absolutely suck at putting together online dating profiles because they have no clue what to say.

Show enthusiasm.

You don’t have to brag about yourself, but you do need to share pieces of yourself. It’s important and necessary.

No. 3 Add a qualifier

I know what a lot of men are doing. I get it. You don’t need to write me and tell me. I know that some men are sending mass messages where they just copy and paste. They never even read your profile.

They’re trying to play a numbers game. (And they are playing poorly)

best online dating profilesInstead of wasting your time on those guys, going through all their messages, instead add a little P.S. at the end of your profile. This P.S. that tells him something so that he can go out of his way a little to indicate to you he has read your profile.

We all know that it’s so much sexier when a man actually reads your profile and takes a genuine interest in you versus these guys that are just mass messaging, clicking wink or sending smiles and shit.

This is a really big Romantic Fairy Godmomma insider secret that I’m gonna share with you today. Here is what your P.S. can say.

P.S. Men who makes it evident with a thoughtful message that he read my profile intrigue me the most.

Think about that for a second.

First off, you’re setting a higher standard without being a complete and total bitch about it. BUT NOW, you also know much more quickly if they have read your profile. They have made an effort to point out things in your profile or connect with you about something in your profile.

You also know that this man took the time to send you a message versus sending you a wink. Which is a good sign he legitimately wants to connect with you and possibly see where this could go romantically. (It’s so much sexier than sending a wink, don’t you think;-)

Okay, Lovergirl, time to wrap everything up together. The three things that will make your profile dramatically stand out above the rest of thee thousands of women that are in your area that are putting together crappy profiles:

No. 1 is have good, current images. No MySpace angles, make sure they’re clear and at least one full length photo.

No. 2 is enthusiasm about your life. Storytelling –things like that. Absolutely one of the best ways to be seductive online without being sexual.

No. 3: a qualifier. A little PS at the end of your profile. This says a little something something to help you figure out what guys actually took the time to go through your profile and then connected with you based on that.

Would you like a little help with your online dating profile?

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I will see you next time and here’s to you having him your way. <3


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