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17 Confidence In Dating, Should I Fake It Till I Make It? Dating Help With Single Smart Female

If you are having fun Mantourage Dating™ then you know that having another man to focus on when one of the men you like isn’t paying much attention to you is soooo helpful. BUT…

what do you do when no one in your Mantourage is knocking down your door? How do you maintain your confidence instead of feeling crappy? Let’s cover this on a brand new episode of Single Smart Female.






Essential Learning Points from this Episode:

02:09 – This always has an an adored woman’s back
02:16 – This is what an adored woman should know about why things are happening in her dating life
02:30 – This is the reason why your love life doesn’t always go as planned
03:54 – When nothing is going wrong, don’t forget this
07:43 – These are things you should remember about yourself
07:54 – If you’re still feeling extremely lonely or doubtful, do this and it will make you feel a lot better
08:46 – You become irresistible to men when you do this
09:24 – Start doing this and feel completely happy and 100% confident
11:07 – You should keep an open mind for this one
15:52 – When you are Mantourage Dating, you need to make sure of this
27:11 – An adored woman lives by these three tenets

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