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32 How Can I Stop With Someone Who Does Not Belong To Me? – Dating Advice Single Smart Female

he belongs to someone elseIt feels wonderful to be with him. Head over heels wonderful. There is one problem though… he belongs to someone else. What now?

On this episode of Single Smart Female Jenn & Steph are taking on a much bigger topic than being with another woman’s man. Much Much bigger. So before you dismiss listening to this specific show –because you would never knowingly be with a taken man, we need you to listen.

You are part of the solution to this situation; and without you, this cycle keeps getting worse.


How Can I Stop With Someone Who Does Not Belong To Me? Show Notes

Essential Learning Points from this Episode:

he belongs to someone else01:10 Question from Ms I Can’t Let Go
03:42 Women who are involved with someone who is taken should should know this first
05:21 This is what happens when you choke hold any kind of romantic situation
06:42 This is something that Jenn always advise women to do first when they like someone
08:08 Being lovesick is very common in women and here is what Steph and Jenn advises you
09:27 This is a wake up call to all ladies out there
10:09 A lot of women don’t really know how to date, but there are a lot of ways to make it fun if you know what you are doing
13:18 What is real sisterhood?
12:03 Top 5 ways to be 10x hotter
14:30 Men really like women that do this.
19:56 Final Thought

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Do you have a question about your love life?
Does your love life suck because you can’t move on from the idea of him?
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