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30 How Do I Show Interest or Approach A Man That I Don’t Know Well? – Dating Advice Single Smart Female

how to approach menHe caught your eye, but unfortunately hasn’t noticed you yet.

Want to learn how to approach men you don’t know well in a way that doesn’t scare them off? Find out on this episode of Single Smart Female plus updates on Jenn’s love life…


How Do I Show Interest or Approach A Man That I Don’t Know Well? – Show Notes

how to approach menEssential Learning Points from this Episode:

01:21 – Question from LA Lady Love
05:01 – You can approach men all you want, but you still need this to get his attention
06:32 – This is a good way to build your romantic confidence while dating
07:49 – Having romantic confidence doesn’t mean there is a lack of fear, it means this
08:08 – Flirting can be this, but really it is much more
09:00 – Women do this way too often and it’s really screwing up their chances at meeting the man of their dreams.
10:08 – Steph cautions LA Lady Love that her approach might be misinterpreted because of this
11:45 – Jenn’s funny & recent story about an unexpected sexual flirtation
14:25 – Updates on Jenn’s love life
21:02 – Final Thought

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