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34 I Always Wait For Him To Text Me. Am I Doing Something Wrong? – Dating Advice Single Smart Female

will he text meSo you’ve been having a great time together but things are no longer progressing towards a relationship. You even him let him text first. Always.

Are you doing something wrong? Find out on this episode of Single Smart Female plus learn the top five ways to be 10X hotter…



will he text me

I Always Wait For Him To Text Me. Am I Doing Something Wrong? Show Notes

Essential Learning Points from this Episode:

01:14 – A question from Ms Text Me First
01:46 – You always wait for him to text you, which means you may be doing this.
02:36 – There are a lot of dating advice out there about being pursued by men, but watch out for this.
05:27 – This is what men think, when women tell men that they feel like “they’re not pursuing her enough”
06:39 – You should remember that dating only works this way.
07:56 – If you are an adored woman, then you should have enough confidence to do this.
08:35 – You can’t have relationship ebb and flow without this.
09:21 – You can let guys do this, but if it’s only him, then he is likely to lose interest in you.
10:52 – Contacting a man first –is it wrong?
12:11 – Top 5 ways to be ten times hotter
14:33 – Final Thought

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