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93 Should You Ever Consider Dating Someone From Your Past? – Dating Help With Single Smart Female

dating someone from my pastAsk anyone and they will almost always tell you it’s a bad idea to date an ex or someone you previously dated.  Yet you still can’t help but wonder. Will it be a disaster or a fairy tale?

Find out in this brand new episode of Single Smart Female


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dating someone from my past

Dating Someone from My Past Show Notes

Essential Learning Points from this Episode:

01:21 – Today’s topic that’s a pretty common dilemma for women
02:17 – If you do consider dating someone from your past, this is the first question you should ask yourself
02:39 – There is always a danger of this happening, especially if you’re dating a guy from your past
03:18 – Another question you should ask yourself if you plan to date someone from your past
03:59 – If someone from your past wants to date you and you’re not sure you like the idea, then here’s something you can tell him
04:40 – Do not try to make things okay for a man who can’t handle you. You should always remember this
05:32 – If your ex is trying to date you now, try to remember how he was with you back then. Here are things to consider
06:49 – You should always prioritize yourself and your happiness
06:59 – If you can do this, then you should have no problem dating someone from your past

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Dating Someone from My Past