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108 Dating a Separated Man – Dating Advice With Single Smart Female

hes separatedThere are a lot of factors to consider before dating a man, but what if you find out that he’s separated? Does that change anything? Um. Yes. Very important things to consider.

Find out on this episode of Single Smart Female

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hes separated

Hes Separated Show Notes

Essential Learning Points from this Episode:

02:25 – These type of men are some of the most difficult men to date and here’s one instance where that can be proven
05:49 – This is why dating a separated man is hard work. There are many components to it and this is just one of them.
09:21 – Jen relates to this very much and here, she narrates how difficult it was for her
19:25 – Even if we say we have our options open for other men, there are tell-tale signs that we actually don’t
21:04 – An adored woman always deserves a man who is free and clear to date. A man who is separated or in the process of divorce is not free and clear.
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Hes Separated