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121 Are You Constantly Disappointed In Men? – Dating Help With Single Smart Female

i am disappointed Constantly feel disappointed in men? I hear you, but there are several things you need to know about how this affects your love life.

Find out in this new episode of Single Smart Female.

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i am disappointed

I Am Disappointed Show Notes

Essential Learning Points from this Episode:
02:10 – Disappointed in men frequently. It’s very common among single women.
05:19 – Women who have had a lot of bad experiences in relationships and dating tend to do this.
09:10 – If you’ve been through a lot of bad dating experiences, this is probably how you see men right now.
13:43 – Sometimes, we think that we are being treated like shit, but the truth is, we might just be overreacting.
20:12 – Having a disappointing experience with one, or even several men, doesn’t mean you’ll never have an incredible love life. UNLESS you decide it does.

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I Am Disappointed