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198 He Says That He Is Coming But Hasn’t Made Plans Yet. What Do I Do? – Dating Advice With Single Smart Female

no date plans He promised to come but keeps putting you off. Should you just forget about him?

Find out in this episode of Single Smart Female  

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no date plans

No Date Plans Show Notes

Essential Learning Points from this Episode:
02:10 – Today’s listener questions is from aa lovely lady, Ms Feeling Crazy Waiting for Him from Canada
05:36 – If you are dating other men and is wondering if you should tell them about it, here’s what you need to hear
07:07 – You should remember this so you can enjoy our dating life
10:14 – This is what you need to do when a man you are dating is still living with his ex
13:51 – You should not date men living with their exes

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No Date Plans