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207 Forecasting – The Biggest Dating Failure – Dating Help With Single Smart Female

dating disaster If you assume to know what he feels, thinks, or even what his next move is going to be, you are doing you more harm than good, Lovergirl.

Find out in this episode of Single Smart Female  

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dating disaster

Dating Disaster Show Notes

Essential Learning Points from this Episode:
01:03 – Today’s topic is something that most successful women do
03:01 – There are two ways to forecast when dating and this is the best way to do it
06:31 – This is what happens when we women forecast our relationship negatively
09:47 – Men are naturally like this and it is something that we women should always remember
13:28 – Forecasting romantic failure with statements about what he thinks, what he means, what he wants without firsthand knowledge does absolutely nothing to protect your feelings. It does, however, guarantee a certain level of repeated romantic failure.

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Dating Disaster