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Jenn’s Online Dating App Recommendations – Encore Single Smart Female

dating app recommendations There are so many online dating apps to choose from that it’s hard to know where to start. Hint: you need to know what your priorities are so you can choose which one will work best for you.

Find out in this episode of Single Smart Female  

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dating app recommendations

Dating App Recommendations Show Notes

Essential Learning Points from this Episode:
00:49 – Today’s question is from Ms Brand New to Online Dating from California who is 42 years old.
02:33 – This is what happens when we look for instant gratification when dating.
04:17 – You need to hear this if you’re the type who likes focusing on what’s wrong with him
12:00 – This is what dating is, and women need to always remember it
16:07 – Online dating is one of many tools to exponentially enhance your Mantourage Dating™ experience and results. It’s not the end-all be-all of finding true love. You do have to know how to use it in the right ways or it’s likely you will end up frustrated.

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Dating App Recommendations