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The Big Mistake You Are Making That Is Keeping You From Meeting Your High Quality Dream Man

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I know, I know. You consider yourself reasonably attractive, educated, and probably make decent money. And I 100 percent agree with you. (Actually, I consider you much more than that, but for this conversation that’s neither here nor there.)

Yet as a smart, professional, single woman, you are still struggling with meeting the man that loves, adores, and cherishes and that you wouldn’t mind saying ‘Yes’ to if he got down on one knee.

In fact, I bet you fall in one of two categories, if not both:

1. The men you meet that like you, don’t really do anything for you below the belt (if you know what I mean.)

2. The man you can’t stop thinking about
is non-committal, difficult to gauge, and you spend an insane amount of time and energy trying to figure him out with little success.


Yep, I know. And yes, I have been there. I’ve also helped myself and tons of clients around the world FIX the same issue.

Warning: what I am about to tell you might feel like a gut punch. Or maybe deep down inside you already know this. So let’s put something big on the table before I tell you.

FIRST: It is your fault.

SECOND: It’s easy for you to fix. Plus, today I will help you fix it for FREE.

Yes, I know, it doesn’t feel great. But I wasn’t kidding about the easy to fix part.



In a nutshell, that’s the biggest reason you haven’t met your dream man. YOU DON’T HAVE ENOUGH HIGH QUALITY OPTIONS IN MEN.

And trust me I get it. I’ve heard every excuse. I’ve used all of them as well…

  • A man would just slow me down.
  • Men never look at me or ask me out anyways.
  • There are no good men my age.
  • Men are just cheaters, liars, and idiots.
  • I only attract losers.
  • I have no time to date.
  • I only like one type of man.
  • I wouldn’t be caught dead online dating.
  • Men are too intimidated by strong and successful women

But remember, I said the solution was easy. Really easy, in fact, if you truly want your love life to turn into something magical.

1. Give up your lame excuses for not opening up your options with men. (And yes everything above is a lame excuse)

Oh if you are the lady who won’t give up your lame excuses because you are waiting for him to finally pick you, then think about this:

Maya Angelou said, “Never make someone a priority when all you are to them is an option.”

And this:

Jenn Burton, Romantic Fairy Godmomma For Smart, Successful, Single Women Around The World (ooh that’s me;-) said, “Your exclusivity is a gift. Quit giving it away without profound consideration. Explore your options first. Men do.”

2. Open up your options in men immediately. The best and fastest way to do this is with online dating.

My top pick for for all of my clients to genuinely open their options in men is, hands down, online dating. Why? Simple – because these men have raised their hand to say ‘Hey, I’d like to date too.’

AND there are soooo many to choose from! (Excellent situation for finding high quality options.)

Oh, AND if you didn’t know already, 1 in 4 relationships these days are starting with an online connection.

But I must warn you about the biggest online dating peril… If you have a boring profile, and outdated or just ehh pics, you will attract the wrong men for you. In fact, don’t be surprised if you have weirdos contacting you if you put very little effort into your dating profile. Bland profiles are bait for weirdos because weirdos look at your profile and decide whether or not your self esteem is low enough to pay attention to him.

Bland Profile = Low Self Esteem

Also, it is absolutely important to prepare your profile and pictures to LAUNCH instead of just putting some facts up quickly about yourself. Why? Because you will get your highest number of profile views when you first set up. So it behooves you to put it together offline first.

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Lovergirl, online dating is my favorite choice for finding high quality options for your dream man, and there are 1000s of single men in your area to meet. But remember that there are also thousands of women as well, which means it is your romantic duty to stand out to the hotties that will interest you.

You owe it to yourself and your love life to give yourself an incredible advantage over these women with an irresistible online profile presence.


When you open up your options for dating, you increase your high quality vibe to men.

Men like their women how they like their high dollar toys: someone that everybody wants, but not just anybody can have. This is why, while single and dating, seeing more than one man until you have exclusivity is so important.

NOTE: I am NOT talking about telling him about the other men you are seeing. (I am also NOT talking about intentionally trying to make him jealous or think that you are sleeping with other men.) ALSO, INCREASING YOUR OPTIONS IN MEN DOES NOT MEAN YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO SLEEP WITH THEM ALL.

I am talking about having genuine options in men and genuine options about who you choose to be exclusive with.
You only have genuine options when you date more than one man that you have a genuine interest in getting to know better. Jeez, that was a whole lotta genuine!

The more true options you have, the more it increases his sense of urgency to become exclusive with you. He’ll finally be able to feel how much of a catch you are. And if he doesn’t, another truly awesome man will.


I’m thinking it’s time you stop sitting on the romantic sidelines or settling for scraps of his romantic attention. Let’s face it, sometimes strong, professional single women need a Romantic Fairy Godmomma too.

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Fairy Dust Over & Out,