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One Year From Now

“As you grow older, you’ll find the only things you regret are the things you didn’t do.”

Zachary Scott

Hey Lovergirl, 

Today my course, The Courage Kit gets started… and to be honest, I am a bit nostalgic and excited all rolled up into one.

I am thinking about all the different adventures I had, and the different men that I met before I became exclusive with my current beau. 
I also keep thinking about what a difference it made when I actually started studying romance instead of just trying to wing it all the time. You see I moved to Mexico in 1998, and I definitely did get a lot of short term male attention. I had so much fun… but I had no clue what I was doing, and I fell in love. Saul ended up breaking my heart when one night he got up and left.

Within 6 months he was married to someone else. After he left I literally spent an entire month in bed wallowing in my sorrow. It wasn’t pretty. My roommate begged me to snap out of it. But I was convinced that I had lost the love of my life.

After I did get out of bed I searched and searched for the reason why he left me. I finally settled on “He didn’t want to be with an American girl.” That excuse seemed to make me feel a bit better so I went with it.

Several years later I traveled to the city where he had moved to. We chatted for hours. He told me that he had divorced his Mexican wife & now was living with his American girlfriend.

Not gonna lie it was like he dropped 32 ton jetliner on my chest and broke my heart all over again. I finally had to accept, he didn’t want me, not some silly reason I had concocted in my head. I finally had to give up the excuses about why I had such a hard time with men. It definitely was a lot to swallow.

BUT… it freed me to have amazing dating adventures…

FAST FORWARD to 06: I remember how terrified I was to go out on my first date after my lover disappeared and being in the process of a divorce. I was excited and a little sick to my stomach as well.

He wasn’t the guy for me… but we had an awesome time. He told me that I was the best date he had ever had. Pretty sweet for the chick who had chronically sucked at being with men. Then I went out on another and another… Each date getting better. Men actually writing me and saying that they couldn’t wait to spoil me.

I also loved seeing a man’s resistance dissipate as he spent more time with me. I definitely enjoyed “hardcore take shit from no one guys” ask me if they could cook dinner for me. I actually fell in love with dating. Every man I went out with taught me something fundamental about how I want to create romance in my life. Every man I went out with gave me a new man skill that helped me with my current beau and our beautiful relationship.

Being adored by men helped me bring down my walls of resistance to love which I didn’t realize I had.

One of my new clients asked me the other day… “Are you teaching game playing?”

No I am not… I teach women how to inspire men to adore them and treat them the way they deserve to be treated. Yes there is an overwhelming element of fun in what I teach, otherwise I have no interest in teaching it.

I teach women to give up their lame excuses, so they can have what they want with men. I teach women to create more romance, more giddiness, more love, more appreciation, & more pleasure with the men in their lives. No game playing required.

I have absolutely no regrets in my love life… I know if Will and I don’t work out for some reason, I can recreate romance anytime I want. I also know how to recreate our own romance over and over again. I am passionate that other women know how as well.

So think about it… what do you want 1 year from now?

A. Do you still want to be stuck waiting and pretending you don’t care about having a great guy in your life?

B. Or do you want to be with a man who is everything you’ve ever wanted because you decided to take a chance on yourself and learn how to be adored by men on your terms?


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  1. One year from now, of course I want to meet the man of my life and be with him forever…It is a nice feeling to love and to be loved…

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