listen up ! your love life will thank me later

Things Single Women Say That Make Me Wanna… Part 1

Hey Lovergirl,

I am pumped about today’s episode of Man Moves Mondays… In fact this is part 1 of a 3 part series… that you may absolutely love… or it might really aggravate the bejesus out of you. Either way I know it’s important that you know this about me.
I believe in every woman’s potential to be adored by men and create amazing dating experiences, with a few exceptions. Without a doubt these exceptions really screw themselves in the romantic department time and time again.
So are you one of these women who really handicaps herself romantically? Press play to find out…

Ready for some action? I certainly am. If you are ready to fan the flames of your romantic genius, then in the comments below tell me what lame excuses you’ve been hiding behind.




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