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Are Men Intimidated By Strong Women?

Have you ever told yourself when a man disappeared or left you that it was because men are afraid of strong women?

Maybe you mentioned this to a friend who couldn’t stop grieving about a particular man.
In today’s brand new edition of Man Moves Mondays, I am going to definitively answer the question “Are Men Intimidated By Strong Women?”
Here’s a hint: part of what you are thinking is absolutely correct, but it’s only a small part of what you really need to know. What you need to know are the real reasons he decided to take hike… because if you don’t get a grip on these soon… you will have more men leave you, and your dating adventures will perpetually suck.

So go ahead and click to play. After you watch the video, let me know one area that I discussed in the video that you now realize has to be tweaked. Then put your Romantic Creative Genius Cap on & tell me one thing you are going to do to tweak it in the comments… which is where I’ll be hanging today… digging into your creative juicy tweaks!


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