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Hello, Your Hotness!

Today, I want to introduce you to an AMAZING couple, Ben and Jen Rode. They are the geniuses behind a whole new system they call Explosive Sexual Healing.This combines hypnotherapy, Reiki and sexological bodywork to become a phenomenally effective modality that heals the body, mind and soul all at the same time. I wanted to talk to them about some really effective strategies a single (and even a not-so-single) Lovergirl can use to help her turn-on, and they graciously agreed to offer three juicy suggestions that can help you maximize your turn-on, increase your pleasures, and empower you in the world.

Now, I know that you are either grabbing your pencil and notebook eager to take notes on every exquisite detail, or you are feeling some level of discomfort and ready to tell me “But Jenn, I don’t need to listen to this” or “I shouldn’t listen to this” along with a laundry list of reasons why this information doesn’t apply to you…

But it does, Lovergirl.

As I emphasize all throughout  my dating program, The Courage Kit, and as we discuss in this interview, your pleasure as a woman is the key to developing romantic life you want. Your pleasure can attract attention, improve your self esteem, and even change a man’s mind about what he wants out of life!  Frankly, you can not afford to miss this discussion. In fact Ben is also going to shed quite a bit of light on the mindset of male attraction and female beauty.

And after you’ve listened in on our talk, tell me in the comments below about what you’ve learned, Lovergirl. (Also, if you want to share a little about your experiences trying out these three steps, and what has happened in your life as a result, that would be fantastic!)

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