listen up ! your love life will thank me later

Why You Can’t Have The Relationship You Want

Merry Christmas Lovergirl!

I am writing you from small town Tennessee, where I celebrated snowflakes this week with my man and my gorgeous daughter. (I’d say this was probably only the 10th time in my life I’ve seen snow in person!) And I am in awe watching their excitement.

All the wonderful and simple things we women say we want, I have now 10-fold. And I am still amazed, because I didn’t really, truly believe that all this would ever be mine.

Family Elves
Just last night, my man put on a movie, even though he was dead tired, and watched it all the way through holding me, just because I couldn’t fall asleep. It’s true that he does spoil me in the most special ways, big and small.

He also without fail will tell me he loves me several times a day, and always shares how happy he is to be my man and to be a daddy to our spitfire daughter.

But he wasn’t always this way. In fact when we were first dating, I asked him one time how he felt about me.

He then answered me, kind of struggling to find words or more possibly names of the seven dwarfs,

“Well, I think you’re hot, but I don’t do feelings except, happy, hungry, angry and sleepy.”

So why am I sharing all of this with you? As a Romantic Fairy Godmother for Strong Successful Single Women, I know a little secret.

No matter how strong you are, almost every woman craves a soft place to land.

BUT, like me pre-dating adventures, she has been playing in a man’s world for so long, she isn’t comfortable with this kind of a attention on a regular basis from a man she likes.

She is more comfortable with sporadic and inconsistent attention from men (similar to my man’s behavior in the early stages)

We women, end up consciously, and subconsciously, sabotaging and pushing away what we want most.

And the biggest cause of this comes from the resentment we hold onto born of past failed romantic experiences.

So today for your Fairy Dust Christmas, I am going to teach you one of the most powerful tools for immediately opening up your new year to unlimited romantic potential and adventures.

It is conceptually super-duper simple, but emotionally will be probably be more difficult.

I want you to get out a pretty piece of paper and put together a grateful list for your past loves and heartbreaks. Start with one particular man today. List all of the gifts you got from this relationship, including what gifts you get from not being together.

Take your time with each love. If this activity takes you a few weeks, no worries. (By the way, there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about all the men in my life and the gifts I’ve received. Specifically each gift that has led me to this conversation with you)

Next add to your individual list any pics or photos or memorabilia you still have from this love, to create a history package.

Buy a box, a pretty one, where you can store and be thankful for your romantic history. Wrap each history up with a particular bow.

Seem a little odd?

What I’ve discovered is that one of the first steps to becoming comfortable and receiving attention from a man you love, is to acknowledge all of the gifts (tangible and not) from past relationships.

Some will be lessons learned, some feelings felt, some strength gained, some friends made, but the more you take and acknowledge from each experience, the more room you create for what you really want and truly deserve.

Here’s to your Merry Fairy Christmas and Happy Holidays,


Do something extra special just for you today or sometime this week. It’s a direct order from your Romantic Fairy Godmother 😉