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My Favorite Question About Dating That I Have Ever Received

Jenn Burton, Have Him Your Way

Welcome to Fairy Dust Friday – the delayed Sunday version ;-). Okay, I confess the last 2 weeks have been insane on the home front. Plus, I have been in the middle of reintroducing my signature program the Courage Kit, so it took this Romanitc Fairy Godmomma a bit longer to get my thoughts together.

Everything seemed to happen at once, but truthfully, it was one crappy and kinda crappy thing after another. As soon as I got through one mini crisis, another would pop up and say hello. I am sure you know what I am talking about. Here’s a sampling:

  • A favorite relative passed away.
  • My daughter came down with a relentless night cough that kept us up several nights on end
  • Fire ants decided to invade our brand new home from every angle. And they are very hostile guests.
  • My daughter got several chigger bites that she scratched in her sleep that turned into a serious infection. (Okay I confess some more, I was so sleep deprived that I was worried sick she had flesh eating bacteria and rushed her to the emergency room.)
  • and yes, there was more…

BUT I’m not sharing this for pity (although I would have accepted your pity and assistance last week in a heartbeat;-)). I am sharing all of this because of a very important question I received this week about The Courage Kit that I want to answer as the perfect Fairy Dust Friday Lesson.

One of my lovely new TCKers (The Courage Kit participant) wrote me last week and asked this:

The Courage Kit
This, by far, is one of my favorite questions I have ever received, and is not silly by any means. But it’s not just about my program. It also opens the door to one of the most important lessons I have for you about dating; that it is not just about being an introvert or extrovert. It’s actually about being a modern, professional, single woman. (Also for fun, please note the quality of women I attract to The Courage Kit. Just based on her sense of humor, her dating adventures will not only be magical, they will rate off the charts under my tutelage.)

Fairy Dust Friday’s Extremely Important Message About Dating…

whether you do it all on your own, or decide you want a Romantic Fairy Godmomma’s help.

Being an adored women in a modern day dating landscape all boils to this: You have to date your men, date your family, date your friends, and ALWAYS find time to date yourself.
This is how I responded to her email:

No, you don’t have to be an extrovert to do this program. I have had women do 5 to 7 nights per week, but I actually find that to be quite excessive. I encourage women to not only date their men, but to date themselves, their family, and their friends. As an introvert, you will probably be great at all of our activities, but you might need a day or two extra of decompression to be with yourself. I 100 percent want you to do that. 1 to 3 dates a week, actually sounds perfect to me. That way your career stays intact (because you are still doing a great job) as well as your sanity.

TCK is about encouraging you to stretch, but always on terms that are in integrity with who you are. I’ll give you a great foundation, and together we’ll tweak it for your life.

A lot of times, people attribute sexiness to only extroverts, but there are so many men that are wildly attracted to the ‘not so in your face sexy’ of intellectual conversations, eye contact, and the fact they have to figure out what you are thinking ;-). You’ll get to see that first hand in this course.

Here’s the thing… this is such a great question, because as you can see, it doesn’t just apply to introverted women; it applies to most modern day women with busy schedules.

I do want to say that there is no such thing as perfect balance when it comes to including people in your life. But there is nothing un-sexier than a woman who only prioritizes men, or one that has no room for men. You must find a schedule that works for you.

Now there is no doubt that having a Mantourage is one of the most exhilarating experiences a woman can undertake, when she knows what she is doing. Yet, it does take a level of discipline, an ability to understand what she needs, and the know-how to create a schedule for dating that really works for her and doesn’t leave her depleted.

This is a huge gift women get when they hire me. Honestly most women (and I love women, so no meanness intended) suck at this part, which is why their dating life ends up sucking as well. When they learn how to proactively manage this with the unpredictable nature of life, dating and romance, they open up a portal to the most magical adventures and true, profound love.

Bonus: this very lesson is paramount to long term relationship romance. It is a lot easier to learn this during dating than it is in a relationship.

Which, by the way, brings me back to what I shared with you about my last two weeks. Life happens, death happens, kids get sick, and even fire ants happen. But romance can still coexist with the not-as-fun or overwhelming or busy parts of your life. (Trust me, I got extra hugs and cuddles from my man these last two weeks.)

You don’t have to be a supermodel, incredibly fit, have the perfect size breasts (whatever size they are in your head), tv commercial hair, or even always know the right way to act, to be uber sexy to men.

BUT, you do need to know how to manage your time and energy with men. Too much and too little will sabotage your love life.

Jenn Burton Have Him Your Way



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Disclosure: no fire ants were harmed in the making of this message. Before the message, I plead the fifth.