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What Type Of Dater Are You?

Lady LoveIt’s Fairy Dust Friday, and I want you to imagine this for a moment…

I am going to grant you 3 men, all delicious, all different, and all 3 to truly tickle your romantic fancy.

And while you date these men, you will automatically learn how to draw in everything you want romantically, including your Forever Man if you so choose.

As your Romantic Fairy Godmomma, I believe all women deserve to have it all: the career, the family, the love of your life in your bed every night. Or any version of romance you would like.

I show women that the answer to having the love life she wants starts with dating.

But most women NEVER TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THEIR ABILITY TO DATE, even though creating a magical dating experience is key to drawing in the love and romance she deeply wants.

And most smart, single, successful women who struggle romantically waste a lot of time, because they are too afraid to explore their romantic options.

Dater Type.001Yep. Most professional women, no matter how strong and fearless they claim to be, are seriously scared to open the door to the real possibilities in her love life..

Which means single women usually fall into 5 categories
(sometimes more than one category):

1. Miss Serial Monogamist –
She who only does relationships. Going from one relationship to another, or waiting a significant period of time between relationships. Dates only one man at time, going into a relationship after a week or three. Most of these relationships putter out after a few years. She often ends up settling for men who meet very few of her romantic needs.

2. Miss Non-Dater

She who tells herself “I’ll get to my romantic life later.” Years go by and a sinking feeling continuously grows. She often wonders if her time has passed.

She’ll say things like:

A man would just slow me down
Who would be interested in me now?

Or, she never speaks up about how romantically lonely she really feels.

3. Miss Can’t Make It To Date #2, 3, or 4

She who finds dating utterly frustrating and heartbreaking. Everytime she gives it another shot, the same damn thing happens. None of the men she meets ever turn into the love she desperately wants.
4. Miss Dater Down

She who only dates men intellectually, financially, or emotionally beneath her. It’s quite amazing how many smart, successful women actually fall into this category. Some spend years in a relationship with a man like this.

5. Miss Nobody Really Interests Me (Except Him)

This is the woman who has lots of male attention, but finds most men inadequate. She only dates men with whom she has immediate, insane chemistry. She becomes addicted to him almost immediately, because underneath it all she is scared to death she won’t find another man she is as into as him.

As the chemistry starts to fade, the fighting in the relationship starts in order to reignite the passion. This is also the woman who is more likely to have an affair with a man who is married or in a relationship.

If you fall into one of those categories, then I guarantee you are suffering from at least 2, if not 3 of the following:

  • Intense Romantic Insecurities
  • Low Romantic Self-Worth
  • Little To No Romantic Courage
  • Love & Romance Blocks
  • Crappy Romantic Patterns
  • Poor or Inappropriate Boundaries With Men
  • >Insufficient Communication Skills With Men (i.e. you misunderstand what men are really saying to you and/or you are not communicating in a way that men really hear)

…EVEN IF YOU ARE confident and competent in every other area of your life. As a smart, successful, single woman, it is easy to doubt yourself and create your very own long-term romantic rut.

It’s overwhelming, frustrating, disheartening. But honestly it doesn’t have to stay that way.


Mantourage Dating™.

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And hands down, the best way to learn these romantic-destiny-changing skills is by creating the most magical Mantourage Dating experiences possible. Which is my specialty;-)

Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as saying to yourself “Okay, I am going to date a couple of men.”
That is actually a recipe for disaster. On the other hand, Mantourage Dating™ can be learned beautifully and easily. BUT, there are nuances that can only be learned from your Romantic Fairy Godmomma.

So do me a favor in the comments; I want you to tell me what kind of dater you have been up to this point, and what about Mantourage Dating™ scares you the most. (Remember we can’t remedy what we can’t admit!)

Finally, I want you to stop sitting on the romantic sidelines hiding behind one or more of the 5 dating types above. Your not doing your romantic life any favors Lovergirl.



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