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Should You Really Ask Your Girlfriends About Your Dating Life?

Lady LoveI know that you are most likely guilty of this. And I get it. I’ve done it, too.

You’ve asked a ton of different people their opinion about a man’s behavior with you (all on the same situation, in order to suss out their spin on what happened).

You’ve asked questions like:

“What does it mean?”
“Why do men do things like that?”
“Is it possible that…?”

Oh, and I personally know how common it is for women to give a blow-by-blow description of every single thing that has happened with a particular man, especially if things suddenly seem off.

But is all this asking each of your girlfriends, family members, and such really helping you have what you want?

The short answer is almost always no.

I know, I know. It couldn’t really be that simple, could it Jenn?
Actually yes, and let me explain why.

Should Ask Girlfriends.001I Hate To Say This, But Your Peeps Really Don’t Know How To Explain What You Need To Do To Change The Way Your Love Life Is Heading.
Two things happen when you go to several different sources about a certain romantic situation:

You get several different romantically-uneducated opinions of your situation. And lots of crappy advice that doesn’t truly take everything into account. Plus, asking 5 different people their interpretation of a man’s behavior will not get you what you want. Most people do not really know what it takes to draw in what you want. And that is because you are focusing on individual pieces, and neglecting the big romantic picture.

One piece doesn’t complete the entire puzzle.

You leave feeling more confused about the situation. Unfortunately, comparing advice doesn’t give you clarity. It does, however, help you spend a stupid amount of time trying to figure it out with little to show for it.

If you really want help with your love life, then you need to go to ONE source and let them help you unravel the entire picture. Otherwise, there is a really good chance that romantically you will be running in circles.

Then the other piece of this is that at some point even your best of friends get tired of hearing you go on and on about these type of situations. You end up spending more time troubleshooting your love life than having magical dating experiences that lead to love.

And at some point you’ll get tired of hearing yourself go on and on. You’ll realize that you have invested so much energy trying to figure him out that you’ve lost sight of you.

Do you know what happens when you lose sight of you?

Your attractiveness takes a huge hit.

Your love life takes a bigger hit. You spend an insane amount of time driving yourself crazy about him.

I’m betting you can fill in the blanks after that.

But the good news is… it doesn’t have to stay that way.

All you have to do is choose one source for your love life help (the Romantic Fairy Godmomma says winking. Coyly pointing to her program The Courage Kit. Click here to learn more)

And then put your attention and focus back on yourself and thoroughly enjoying your life, making you utterly irresistible. (Romantic Fairy Godmomma orders; and again if you need help shifting your attention back to yourself, check out The Courage Kit here🙂

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