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01 He Keeps Going MIA, Should I Drop Him? – Dating Advice With Single Smart Female

Is there a man in your life that makes you weak in the knees but keeps going MIA?

Find out what you really need to do with him in order to turn the situation around on the debut show of Single Smart Female




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He Keeps Going MIA Show Notes

Essential Learning Points from this Episode:

02:23 – Question From Single Smart Female
05:41 – If you are a single lady dating, you should try this dating method
06:30 – This is the most important piece you need to focus on while dating
06:50 – This is only time you shouldn’t keep a man in your Mantourage
08:00 – If a man gets this from you, he is more likely to step up for you
08:47 – If you do this, it stops you from Mantourage Dating.
10:40 – When you do this, it starts to shift your energy from desperation to fun and playful
11:19 – Men have this, and you need to know it to create the best dating experiences
15:09 – Guys aren’t always great at this but it doesn’t have to stop you from creating what you want.
18:39 – We get caught up in this with men that we really like and it keeps us playing small romantically.
20:00 – Always pay attention to this, instead of what he is saying
20:24 – Do this to understand your man
22:57 – This is something you should do for self preservation
25:52 – Final Thought

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