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26 Are You Dating A Scrub? – Dating Advice With Single Smart Female

no scrubsDo you always know when you are dating a scrub? Sometimes it’s not as easy to tell as you might think

Especially if he is brilliant in bed. Find out on this episode of Single Smart Female plus learn the 5 different female dater types. HINT: Ms. Dater Down dates scrubs….


no scrubs

Are you Dating a Scrub? Show Notes


Essential Learning Points from this Episode:

01:02 – Question from a self-made woman, My Love in Miami
02:42 – Do not consider an exclusive relationship with him until you have this from him.
04:10 – Women should notice this with the men they’re dating
04:57 – Take note of this, especially if you’re a single mom
05:15 – Jenn expresses her concerns about My Love in Miami
07:15 – Steph points out why My Love in Miami is in a rough situation to be in
09:12 – Make sure he does this if he is going to be your man
10:07 – Which type of “dater” are you?
13:19 – Final Thought

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