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#FairyDustTV Episode 37, Dating Rules For A New Dating Landscape

The rules of dating are definitely changing. You don’t have to feel clueless single lady. Find out what the dating rules are for the new dating landscape.

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#FairyDustTV Video Transcript:

Dating rules for a new dating landscape.

dating rulesThere are a lot of so-called “dating experts” out there that will give you a laundry list of different rules for dating as a woman these days. and it’s all candy-coated crap.

The truth is that there are very few absolutes when it comes to dating and love.

Somebody might tell you: “Hey, you don’t ever contact a guy unless he contacts you first.”
This might really work well for this one guy but with another guy it doesn’t work at all.

On the other hand, there are several guidelines that I do want you to know. These will be very helpful as you learn everything you need to know to draw in the love that you really want.

No. 1 Be willing to clarify wishy-washy communication / situations

dating rulesThese days, it is very apparent how accessible we are to each other. Between our digital communication, social media, even all the different ways that we can travel and connect / communicate – we have an overabundance of communication.

A couple of hundred years ago, we were not in the same situation as a society and our intentions had to be much more clear.

What happened as a result of this amazing technology and ability to connect instantaneously is that we actually became very sloppy in our communication style.

You, however, are learning to be an adored woman (which is what we do here at You are going to toss out all of this sloppy communication and be willing to clarify wishy-washy situations.

So an example that I like to give often is if a guy asks you to hang out, be willing to ask him: “Are you asking me out on a date?”. It’s such an easy way to clarify that situation and romantic intention. Plus it’s going to set you up better for love.

The less wishy-washy we are, the more clear and playful we are, the more seductive we are.

No. 2 Maintain good boundaries while dating

Not only is clear, playful communication very seductive, it’s a HUGE part of maintaining good boundaries while dating.

Again, as a society, not only have we become very sloppy in our communication style, we’ve also become even more sloppy with our boundaries.

We might say we have boundaries and verbally communicate them to a man, but our actions are not matching up to said boundaries.

The sexiest women, the most memorable and unforgettable women, are the ones who have good, clear, playful communication and amazing boundaries while dating.

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No. 3 Keep your options open to other men until relationship exclusivity

This is a huge foundation of everything I teach here at

So many women get caught in the boring, mundane, romantically unproductive, tedious cycle of seeing one man at a time. He is not exactly exclusive to her yet, but she is determined to see where this is going. So she cuts out all of her options in other men. She puts all of her hopes and her dreams of love in his basket, wait for several months even years.

Then things fall apart.

She goes through inevitable heartbreak. Eventually gets up, dusts herself off, and goes again.

This is the most unproductive, un-fun way to date ever and I need you to stop doing this if you have been doing this right now.

Mantiourage Dating™ or dating more than one man at a time until you find your forever man (or indefinitely if you choose) is your opportunity to do things differently.

By the way, this is one of the things I love about men.

When a man is not ready to be exclusive with a particular woman, he is likely to keep his romantic options open. They go out on other dates. They investigate what’s out there.

However, we as women feel that somehow we are obligated to date only that particular man if he has shown interest in us.

Interest doesn’t indicate a relationship and until the two of you are willing to be in a relationship with each other, your options in other men should be open.

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(By the way, just so you know, it’s actually a truly magical experience and it’s one that I help all of my clients go through when they come to work with me –and it’s a lot of fun.)

No. 4 Explore who you are and what you want. NOT what men want

Quit focusing on what you think men want and instead, explore who you are and what you want.

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You might think you are doing this already, but if you’re searching for e-books on being the woman that men desire, how to make him marry you –all that kind of stuff, guess what?

dating rulesYou are exploring almost exclusively what men want.

If you want to be truly seductive to men…

You need to know what you want romantically.

First explore who you are outside of a romantic relationship. Then while Mantourage Dating™, you’re going to start exploring what you want inside of a relationship.

I can guarantee you, you don’t fully know yet.

Regardless of how many romantic experiences you have, you don’t fully know yet everything you want.


Women are evolving.
Our desire.
Our wants, our needs, our everything.

We’re not static.

We’re not going to stay in the same place over a lifetime. We are going to evolve.

If you are a single woman in this moment, then I need you to embrace it. Explore it, and use you mantourage dating experiences to make the most out of being single.

I’m gonna let you in on a little secret: the more fun you are having, the more irresistible you are going to be to men.

No. 5 Give yourself permission to make dating magical and fun.

dating rulesMany women think that dating is a necessarily evil instead of embracing this opportunity, making it yours, taking it on your own terms and creating something magical. But when you do embrace the opportunity not only are you going to be irresistible to men, you’re also irresistible to the love that I know you want.

In 2006, I threw all the so-called dating rules out the door. I started researching, exploring and doing things in a completely different way with men. It yielded amazing results.

Not only did I have a phenomenal time dating multiple men, I discovered pieces of myself that I never knew existed AND I also met the love of my life. This is the man that I’ve been with for the last ten years. I know, had I not embraced my mantourage opportunity, I would not be talking to you today about this.

I found in my life after being inept about love for years;

But before, I was bad.

I had a really hard time with dating and love. Don’t get me wrong, I could meet men; but I couldn’t keep them around nor maintain good relationships. I would scare a lot of men off very very quickly.

Finally, I learned that there is a different way.

I put together a program for all the women around the world do the same thing. I’d like you to go check it out. It’s called the courage kit. With this program you will receive a lot of attention from me plus you get to go to an incredible dating journey with women from around the world to create whatever you want in your love life.

It’s exclusively for single women. This is truly for you. This is what you have been waiting for if you’ve ever felt inept in love.

Lovergirl, let’s quickly wrap up today’s topic: Dating Rules For a New Dating Landscape

  1. Be willing to clarify wishy-washy communication with men
  2. Maintain good boundaries while dating and in love. If you want some help with that go to
  3. Keep your options open in men until you are in an exclusive romantic relationship. Want to know more about Mantourage Dating? Click here
  4. Quit focusing on what men want. Instead explore who you are and what you want
  5. Give yourself permission to make dating fun. Remember dating is not a dirty word and if you want to make dating magical so you can draw in the love of your life, go to

I will see you next time and here’s to you, having him your way.




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