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41 They All Want To Netflix And Chill For A Second Date – Dating Advice With Single Smart Female

he wants to hang outDate number 1, the two of you really connected and he even asked to see you again. Then… Duh Duh Duh… Date number 2, he wants to Netflix and chill. WTF?!>

Find out on this episode of Single Smart Female. Oh and updates on Steph’s love life. Latin Lover, Booming with Steph, hair ties revealed, and Magic. We are committed to bringing you the most exciting and enlightening podcast out there for single women around the globe.



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he wants to hang out41 They All Want To Netflix And Chill For A Second Date Show Notes

Essential Learning Points from this Episode:

01:50 – Question from Ms Lincoln Lover
04:12 – Here’s what you can say when a guy invites you to a movie at his place for a second date
06:28 – You’ll be surprised at how much men can step up when you tell them this
09:11 – If you want to set the right boundaries and don’t want to be too forward, you can do this instead
10:50 – As adored women, this is really important
13:46 – Don’t ever worry about being this type of girl – if you do bad things will befall your love life.
15:24 – If you want to be romanced, loved and adored, then this is what you can do
16:45 – If you are going spend years and years with a good man, then you need to consider this
17:54 – Updates on Steph’s love life
35:26 – Final Thought


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