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42 What Do I Do About Splitting The Bill On A Date? – Dating Advice With Single Smart Female

split the billDo you always offer to pay your part for a date because you don’t want him to think you are a gold digger? Not working out for you romantically Lovergirl?

Find out why on this episode of Single Smart Female. Plus Jenn and Steph have a brand new segment that is sure to bundle up a few knickers. Stupid Shit Women Do (And Say)



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42 Splitting The Bill On A Date Show Notes

splitting the bill on a dateEssential Learning Points from this Episode:

01:16 – Question from New in New York
02:25 – Do you also like to keep things simple, but still would like to be this?
03:11 – You might also be doing this without realizing it
04:35 – You need to realize this about men if you want to be an adored
04:55 – Most mentally stable guys are like this
05:17 – Know this about men who are unwilling to pay for the first date
06:00 – It’s a better idea to do this on the first date to allow things to go further
07:14 – This is a BS thought process that women who travel often use.
08:37 – This is what you need to do if you feel like men who haven’t traveled as much as you can’t connect with you
09:31 – This is what it means to be an adored woman
13:04 – New segment: Stupid Shit That Women Do (and say)
22:05 – Final Thought


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Splitting The Bill