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47 How To Reinvent Your Love Life – Dating Help With Single Smart Female

how to reinvent yourselfLovergirl, if your love life feels MEH or non-existent, then it’s time for a reinvention STAT.

Learn how on this episode of Single Smart Female.



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how to reinvent yourself

How To Reinvent Your Love Life Show Notes

Essential Learning Points from this Episode:

01:08 – Guess who is joining Jenn for Romantic Fairy Godmomma Edition of Single Smart Female
01:52 – No 1 to reinventing your love life
04:04 – Did you also date a guy like this?
05:46 – This is something that you need to know to make the right men flock towards you
07:37 – This is what you should do when he hasn’t asked you to be in a romantic relationship yet
09:54 – No 2 on how to reinvent your love life
11:44 – There may be things you don’t want to do because you don’t have a boyfriend, but you should think about this.
17:48 – No 3 to reinventing your love life
18:21 – As women, we get caught up in this easily, and we need to stop because it is keeping us from finding the man of our dreams.
19:54 – Don’t forget this, and guaranteed, you’ll find someone you’ll be happy with
22:37 – Don’t forget that men are like this
23:49 – Women get upset about men doing this, but you should consider this first.
25:30 – Roundup of our guidelines for reinventing your love life

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How To Reinvent Yourself