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48 Dr. Diana Kirschner – What Men Want – Dating Advice With Single Smart Female

love in 90 daysWhat do men really want? Find out from in a special interview with Dr. Diana Kirschner of Love In 90 Days.


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Love In 90 Days Show Notes

love in 90 daysEssential Learning Points from this Episode:
01:57 – Top dating professionals don’t usually want to do this
04:39 – Who is Dr Diana?
06:54 – Answer to: Did something happen to you while you were dating that opened you up to a different way of interacting with men and led you up to 30+ years with the love of your life?
08:53 – How did Dr Diana find this man (her romantic mentor), or how did he find her?
10:15 – This is what happens when you start taking in love.
11:39 – Dr Diana answers the question: Were there any contributing factors in her childhood that made her what she is today?
13:48 – Most of us come from dysfunctional homes and this is what we usually do.
15:53 – Dr Diana answers why women are still clueless about men despite all the available information
20:34 – What’s the biggest misconception from women about what men want?
21:31 – What old world courtesans teach us about men and your physical beauty.
23:09 – Once the conquest is over, this is what happens
23:32 – Did what men want change over the years?
28:38 – Men get such a bad rap with women and most women believe this
32:46 – What does Dr Diana love about her husband?
36:42 – What does having “willingness to grow” mean when it comes to picking your forever man?
38:27 – There’s a lot of this in a relationship, where people start to become anchored together
43:00 – Dr. Diana’s Final Thought

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