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52 How To Take A Lover – Dating Help With Single Smart Female

how to take a loverIt’s been a while since you’ve dated and felt something for someone,

but how do you really take a lover? Find out on this episode of Single Smart Female.

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how to take a lover

52 How To Take A Lover – Dating Help With Single Smart Female Show Notes

Essential Learning Points from this Episode:

01:28 – Taking a lover may have stigma attached to it, but remember this.
02:55 – The first piece to know when you are thinking of taking on a lover
03:14 – Women are now trying to take their power back, but you also have to be careful of this.
03:55 – This is a time frame that a woman can have a lover before we actually develop feelings for him
05:35 – Second piece on how to take a lover
06:29 – This is what men’s biggest turn on is
07:16 – The third piece to how to take a lover
08:40 – Forth piece
08:53 – If you take a lover, this should be ready for this
09:44 – Do not do this when you are planning to take a lover
09:54 – This is tip number 5 on how to take a lover
10:09 – You think you’re going to win him over in the bedroom, but know this first
11:14 – It’s a masculine approach to the concept of taking a lover when women call it this
12:27 – If you have taken this role, but it’s not what you want, then you are not being authentic
13:26 – This is tip number six on taking a lover
14:20 – This is what Jenn thinks about bachelorette parties
16:20 – Wrapping up the show

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How To Take A Lover – Dating Help With Single Smart Female