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51 I Am Tired Of Being His First Place Girl, I Want To Be His Only Girl – Dating Advice With Single Smart Female

he always reminds me that he is singleAre you tired of him always reminding you that he is single and want to be his ONLY ONE?
There’s a lot you need to know. Find out on this episode of Single Smart Female plus sex updates on Jenn’s love life .


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he always reminds me that he is single

He Always Reminds Me He Is Single Show Notes

Essential Learning Points from this Episode:

00:55 – Question from Ms Frisky in Philly
05:52 – We think we want to know what everything is as women, but this is the hard truth.
06:13 – Most women are like this, but we don’t realize it until it happens.
07:23 – This is a good foundation for any romantic relationship.
09:12 – You should also probably having this conversation with him if the two of you are not yet exclusive.
10:43 – You can’t compromise this just because he’s a great lover.
12:56 – There might have been a woman in his past that did this to him.
15:43 – There are much deeper issues, and you need to ask yourself this if you’re considering an open relationship.
17:11 – Do this so you are not trapped with just hoping things will finally settle between you and a guy you’re dating.
18:25 – Explore who you are romantically, but also think of this.
19:26 – Let’s talk about sex.
33:01 – Final Thought

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He Always Reminds Me He Is Single