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66 He Treats Me As If We Are Dating, Yet Never Takes It To The Next Level – Dating Advice With Single Smart Female

should I keep himYou have been dating  for a while –or at least you think you are, but does he want to take it to the next level?

Find out how on this episode of Single Smart Female.


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should I keep him

Should I Keep Him Show Notes

Essential Learning Points from this Episode:
01:49 – Question from Ms She Wears Her Heart on Her Sleeve of Chicago
08:04 – If a guy you’re dating doesn’t want to have any physical contact with you, what does it mean?
08:49 – This is a perfect example of a guy who doesn’t want any physical contact
09:49 – You need to remember this even though someone is not physically attracted to you
11:11 – This is what you need to do to have a perfectly healthy dating life
11:26 – It is okay if you want to keep a guy that you feel is not physically attracted to you in your Mantourage, as long as you do this
12:09 – Remember that some guys do this and look at women this way
12:31 – It’s not that he’s trying to play games with you, so remember this
13:10 – Attraction, like chemistry is malleable, so remember this
13:40 – How do you not feel too much emotions towards one person?
14:01 – If you’re with a guy who’s physically attracted to you, this is what’s going to happen to the men who aren’t
15:27 – Segment two: How to break out of your dating type?
23:59 – It’s always okay to include a man in your Mantourage that treats you well. However, it’s always important to focus on the men that match your level of romantic interest.

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Should I Keep Him