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67 How To Deal With Dating Apathy – Dating Help With Single Smart Female

You are a strong, independent woman; so much so that the idea of dating really doesn’t interest you. Here’s what is really going on.

Learn why you should and how to fix your apathy towards dating on this episode of Single Smart Female.

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I Don’t Want to Date Show Notes

Essential Learning Points from this Episode:

00:20 – This is a very charged topic at times. It’s something that affects a good portion of single women dating
01:05 – The main reason why dating apathy happens
01:35 – This is a big contributor to experiencing dating apathy
02:25 – If this is how you view dating, you may have a problem
03:01 – This happens to a lot of women when they’re trying to just ‘date’
03:22 – This is what you need to do when you feel like you just want to kick men’s teeth in
03:41 – Sometimes, even if women want to take dating to the next level, this could still happen
04:36 – When you take a dating Sabbatical, you need to focus on these things
05:07 – When we women date, we tend to focus all their energy on the men that we date, but this is what you need to do
05:47 – This is something we owe ourselves when we start to get tired of dating
07:28 – This pisses a lot of women off, but this is very helpful
10:04 – This is something that a lot people believe, but which is soooo untrue
12:13 – Men want to make you happy, but you need to do this
13:09 – This is so true for most women and we need to try and avoid doing this at all cost
13:52 – A recap of today’s episode

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I Don’t Want To Date