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64 I Am Dating Multiple Men – What If I Make The Wrong Choice? Dating Advice With Single Smart Female

what if I pick the wrong guySo you’re getting good at this whole Mantourage Dating™ thing, but what if you end up making the wrong choice with the wrong guy?

Find out what this is really all about on this episode of Single Smart Female plus the things you really need to do, have, and be for Mantourage Dating™…

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what if I pick the wrong guyWhat If I Pick The Wrong Guy Show Notes

Important Links and Mentions in this Episode:

Do you have questions about your love life?
Identify the things that you have done in your dating life
Know exactly what to do, say or text to make yourself irresistible

Essential Learning Points from this Episode:

01:01 – Question from Ms Too Much for Two in Michigan
02:08 – This is something you might have thought while dating a guy you really like
07:14 – You may have some walls up because of bad things that happened in your dating life, but there is something positive about that
08:35 – Here’s how to identify dating patterns that no longer work for you
09:14 – When you have fallen into a dating pattern, this is something you can do
10:02 – Before you invest in a guy intensely emotionally, this is something you should think about first
10:25 – He should be able to show you that he is worth being vulnerable for. When you do ask for that, you’ll start to see what needs to be tweaked in your romantic life
11:09 – After going through a revenge period, this is something you should consider
13:49 – If a guy you are dating is undergoing a custody battle, this is something you should know
14:32 – You can do the push/pull method when you feel like he’s pulling away from you
15:46 – Can men smell fear like bees? Well, you can say that about desperation and this is something you should remember
18:28 – Love never dies of starvation, it only dies of indigestion
18:43 – You should think about this when you feel like your dating life isn’t working out
20:30 – If he disappears and it’s permanent, this may be the reason
20:58 – Segment 2: Top 5 things that you need to know to Mantourage Date
26:59 – Final Thought

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What If I Pick The Wrong Guy