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70 Am I Too Insecure To Date & Find Love? – Dating Advice With Single Smart Female

too fat to dateToo fat? Too thin? Too strong? Too smart? Big nose? Saggy breasts? With so many standards can an insecure woman find love?

Find out on this episode of Single Smart Female plus we are talking the real reasons that overweight women don’t get a strong response from men in segment two.

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too fat to date

Too Fat To Date Show Notes

Essential Learning Points from this Episode:

01:16 – Question from Ms I Fancy a Doctor from New Hampshire
01:55 – You may or may not have done this before, but this is one way of knowing if he’s interested in you
02:23 – This is completely okay. Don’t think that this means rejection.
05:24 – This is an example of a text that you can send him to gauge his interest
06:47 – Do you think men are hard to understand? You might be doing the same thing.
08:22 – This is one good way to build your confidence with men
08:53 – Men are attracted to women like this
09:44 – You don’t have to be super confident all the time, but you should remember this
11:15 – This is something that helps build your confidence when you have fun with it
14:38 – If online dating isn’t working for you, listen to this
18:06 – Segment 2 question from Ms Confused Chubby Dater from Kansas
20:17 – Overweight women might not feel as confident as they should be, but this is what they need to remember
22:58 – We women stop taking care of ourselves when our weight starts to go up, but we need to remember this
– Here’s a very good tip on when you are trying to find Mr Right online
22:72 – The more confident you are that you are lovable, this is what happens
28:34 – Let’s say a man is not physically attracted to you, does that mean he will not fall for you?
29:49 – Here’s a piece of advice to women who feel or think like they are not worthy to be loved
32:58 – We all have insecurities. Don’t let your insecurities keep you from being the adored woman you are meant to be
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Too Fat To Date Show Notes