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75 Ladies, Stop Doing This If You Want To Find Love – Dating Help With Single Smart Female

cant find loveHaving a hard time finding love? There are a lot of options out there, Lovergirl. You just have to know where to look and what NOT to do.

Find out how on this episode of Single Smart Female.


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cant find love

Cant Find Love Show Notes

Essential Learning Points from this Episode:

00:48 – Today’s topic
01:24 – The first tip to make sure that you get the love life you deserve
01:56 – This is how men usually respond to women based on what we tell them
02:12 – If you don’t know what you want at the moment that he asks you, this is what you should do
03:25 – If we expect men to know what we want instead of telling them, then this is what will happen
04:09 – Second tip on how you can have the love life that you want
04:15 – This is something you should remember about men
05:04 – All women are different, so remember this
05:37 – Here’s how you handle a man who treats you poorly
07:26 – This is something to think about f you’re one of those women who likes conforming to what society tells you to expect and do when it comes to love and dating
07:56 – Most men want this too, we just don’t realize this because we’re so hung up on societal standards
09:33 – Here’s the third tip and reminder when we are looking for the love we deserve
10:01 – There’s a lot of ways you can communicate with men, creativity always wins. Here’s how
13:37 – When you keep leaving this open-ended with him this is what happens
15:15 – If you commit to going out with a guy, this is how to handle it so you always feel powerful
18:58 – Women should start doing this to start enjoying their love life to the fullest
19:20 – This helps when you tend to focus on men more than yourself
22:47 – Our final tip for today’s topic. This keeps women from growing bitter and resentful
23:07 – Ladies remember this because we are so much more than what society wants us to be

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Cant Find Love