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76 How To Handle A Man Behaving Badly – Dating Advice With Single Smart Female

why does he do thatEverything was going great, until the day he sheds his skin and starts to behave badly. Why do men do this and what are you going to do?

Find out how on this episode of Single Smart Female.


Important Links and Mentions in this Episode:

It’s all about the chemistry, Lovergirl.
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why does he do that

Why Does He Do That Show Notes

Essential Learning Points from this Episode:

01:07 – Question from Ms Canada Cutie
01:57 – Sometimes, when you’re ready to build your Mantourage, this happens
03:02 – Ugh! Don’t you just hate when he acts like this?
05:37 – Lovergirl, we have more input than we think when it comes to men treating us poorly. Here is something we do that doesn’t help make it stop
06:56 – As women, we hyper-focus on one man sometimes to the point of obsession because of this
07:44 – Woman have been trying to do this for ages, yet we forget that there are parts of ourselves that need our attention first.
09:17 – We still tend to get stuck on one man even if he treats us poorly, but to turn the situation around you need to know this.
10:10 – As a strong woman, people are telling us to pretend that we don’t want anything in order to attract a man, but does it really help?
11:52 – Here’s one way you can address a man who is not treating you very well
16:24 – Women need to keep saying this to men, especially through your actions
19:23 – Here are some tips when you are meeting someone for the first time
21:20 – Segment 2 question from Ms Camping Queen
24:25 – Avoid doing this when you feel disrespected by a guy
25:45 – Here’s a very helpful mantra for all women out there
28:13 – This is what happens to women who don’t have good enough boundaries
20:34 – Yes, biochemistry is involved when women are attracted to a specific man, but here’s how we avoid becoming addicted to them
35:37 – As an adored woman, spending time with a man romantically, should never come at the expense of your integrity, your sanity, your feelings, and especially not your safety, no matter how good he is in bed.

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Why Does He Do That