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82 Red Flags – Dating Advice With Single Smart Female

red flags datingSometimes even the smartest of women become so smitten they fail to notice the GIGANTIC red flags staring right at her.

Find out what you need to know on this episode of Single Smart Female plus we’ll have a real conversation about the different ways we settle as women in segment two.


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red flags dating

Red Flags Dating Show Notes

Essential Learning Points from this Episode:

1:00 – Question from Ms Mamacita, all the way from Utah
2:40 – It’s a good thing to be open with each other, but you need to be ready for the consequences
03:43 – If you feel that he has someone else, maybe it’s time to stop checking his phone and do this instead
06:55 – If you are a single mom, no matter how intense your feelings are for him, your child should still come first. Also, this is a red flag
08:42 – Here’s a good way to tell him if you don’t want an exclusive relationship yet
10:37 – Constantly checking a guy’s stuff because of the thought that he might cheat on you sometime will do more damage than good. Here’s a real-world example from Jenn’s life.
12:35 – This is what you should do to establish your standards in dating
15:19 – This is what you should tell yourself if there is constant distrust
16:13 – Settling is something that most of us do, so we should remember this
17:20 – Relationships and dating comes with bumps and bruises, but you should never do this
17:59 – Here’s the best way to date and find your romantic bliss
18:57 – This is the biggest piece in finding the love life that you want
20:19 – Extraordinary romance takes extraordinary courage. You can and will have both.

Important Links and Mentions in this Episode:

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Red Flags Dating