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81 Why Does He Keep Spending Time With Me When He Doesn’t Want A Relationship – Dating Advice With Single Smart Female

why does he spend time with meYou spend a lot of time together and you enjoy each other’s company; but why won’t he take it to the next level? Is it you?

Find out how on this episode of Single Smart Female.

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why does he spend time with me

Why Does He Spend Time with MeNotes

Essential Learning Points from this Episode:

01:05 – Hot topic question from Ms Has a Type Definitely in Texas
05:25 – Is being a churchgoer or part of a reputable male community mean that his morals are the same as yours?
07:00 – You dating your way, but if it’s not working out, then you might have to reconsider this
08:14 – If you find out that a man you’re about to meet has started drinking, this is what you should do
09:30 – This is very important if you want to be courted instead of being a friend with benefits
10:09 – This is what Adored Women do
11:06 – As a very desirable woman, this is what you deserve and more
12:04 – You should always take notice of this so you can protect yourself better while dating
13:10 – This is the power of an Adored Woman
14:03 – When a man gets confused about things between you, this is what you should and shouldn’t do
14:41 – There are a lot of ways we push love away, but this is the most common
15:15 – If he doesn’t want a relationship yet, this is what you should do
16:05 – Men develop romantic feelings for these reasons
18:16 – You may think that you have done everything to create good dating experiences, but you might be forgetting this
19:41 – This is the only time you should consider having an exclusive relationship with someone
– Segment 2: Question from Ms Long Distance Potential Love from New Haven, Connecticut
24:53 – Long distance relationships aren’t easy, so you should always keep this in mind
26:23 – Here’s a better way to keep the fire burning with your long distance love
29:09 – Hanging all of your romantic aspirations on one man that has not committed to you is the equivalent of saying fuck you to the Universe, God, or whatever you call your higher power.

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Why Does He Spend Time with Me