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84 Myths About Men That Stop Women From Finding Love Part 1 – Dating Help With Single Smart Female

mansplainThere are a lot of things said about men that leave single ambitious females wondering whether or not love will ever be in the cards for them. But just how many of these things are true?

Let’s find out in this new episode of Single Smart Female.


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Mansplain Show Notes

Essential Learning Points from this Episode:

01:01 – One of the myths about men that boxes us in to aspire to be a certain type of woman
02:14 – If you think that men only like big asses, this is what you need to do 😉
03:11 – Here’s a myth that we women would like to believe about men, never realizing that we do it sometimes too
04:24 – Communication is very crucial in a relationship. Here are tips on how you can improve on those
04:43 – If you’ve heard of mansplaining, then you’d know who does it best. Watch out!
04:59 – Learn more about sweet spot communication with men
05:43 – If you think men don’t like talking about their emotions, think again
06:23 – We like to always tell men what we feel and eventually, we start being unheard because of this
08:15 – You might have heard about alpha females having to be with beta guys
09:35 – Here’s Jenn’s back story about having a “head of household”
11:17 – There is a type of couple that works things out perfectly
12:28 – There is a way to grow a relationship and create a soft place to land
13:40 – Here’s what you need to do about those myths about men

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