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90 How Do You Know If You Are Destined To Be The Cat Lady? – Dating Advice With Single Smart Female

Am I going to be the Cat LadySo you’ve been in and out of the dating realm and might be feeling a bit desperate. Are you scared to turn out to be a cat lady?

Find out in this new episode of Single Smart Female

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Am I going to be the Cat Lady

Am I going to be the Cat Lady Show Notes

Essential Learning Points from this Episode:

00:47 – Meet Jenn’s co-host for today
03:01 – Question for today from a Lovergirl from Massachusetts
03:49 – A lot of women suffer this after going through heartaches or after failed relationships
04:23 – There are a lot of reasons why women fear online dating and this is one of them
05:01 – Jenn’s co-host Jen has been asked this silly question
06:12 – You need to remember this no matter how trying your romantic life has been
06:51 – Weight isn’t really an issue. Here’s proof that you can have an amazing love life no matter what
08:09 – If you think that Single Smart Female is only for women in their 20s or 30s, here’s the truth
10:26 – Older women has so much to bring to the table
11:12 – Here’s why you should put taking care of yourself first
12:17 – Having a colorful love life does not depend on a lot of things. Even science shouldn’t be able to argue with that
13:22 – You should only try online dating once you’ve done this
15:00 – Do this to your online dating profile and watch all the men who’ll come running after you 😉
15:34 – If you’ve been hurt before and is scared to go on dating adventures, then this is what you need to do
16:03 – If you want to enjoy your love life, here’s what you need to do
18:19 – Try not to die. Put together a good online dating profile. Starting over is always possible regardless of your age, size, or severity of heartbreak.

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Am I going to be the Cat Lady