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89 Where Women Go Wrong – Dating Help With Single Smart Female

where did I go wrongWhat really happens with failed relationships? Where do women really go wrong?

Find out in this new episode of Single Smart Female.


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Where Did I Go Wrong Show Notes

Essential Learning Points from this Episode:

1:00 – Just like Jenn, a lot of women may have done a lot of the things discussed related to today’s topic
01:45 – One of the things that women do that doesn’t help their love life
04:28 – This is your reality if you are an adored woman
05:49 – Women are very good at being there for their friends who are having a hard time, but there is still something else we need to remember
07:39 – A lot of women come to Jenn about a lot of reasons and this is usually how it goes
11:08 – Always remember this about Single Smart Female
12:16 – We always fail to do this and it usually stops us from having the love life that we want
14:33 – Women are a powerful force, but this is how we usually look at things
17:23 – We should not play victim and make sure that we don’t fall into that practice of always looking at men as obstacles
19:51 – This is one of the biggest mistakes that women make
21:32 – There is something universal among women and we should always remember this
27:44 – Here’s a challenge that all women should always take on
31:24 – It is very important for us to create a blank space in our life, because if we don’t, this is what usually happens
33:54 – Here’s what happens when you work with Jenn
38:02 – Patience is very important, especially in romance

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Where Did I Go Wrong