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Two Huge Mistakes That Women Make While Dating That Kill Long Term Love

Learn two ginormous mistakes that women make with men while dating. These mistakes can be the difference between no love life, mediocre love life, and magical love life.

Fairy Dust Friday Video Transcript:

Guess what today is…drum roll please. This is the very first video episode of Fairy Dust Friday!
(Celebration!) Insert Confetti, whistle blowing, magical mayhem.

And to kick off the very first video episode of Fairy Dust Friday, I have a Romantic Fairy Godmomma lesson of grand importance to your love life.

Today we are going to tackle 2 huge mistakes that women make in communicating with men while dating.

Now when I tell you about these mistakes, you might think “Come on Jenn, they don’t sound that bad.”

So let me make it super clear: these mistakes are the difference between no lovelife, a mediocre love life… and a magical love life.



1. The first ginormous mistake women make is that they consistently misinterpret and assume the worst about what men are saying to them.

It is not uncommon when clients come to me to help turn their dating life into a magical experience that we spend quite a bit of time working on sweet-spot communication with men.

Most women believe themselves to be excellent communicators, and hence they think they understand exactly what men are saying to them.

But time and time again, women hear men in a way that is actually killing their chances at long term love.

Let me give you an example from one of the most common places this happens: online dating.

Now I make it no secret how much I love online dating for my clients. But honestly, most women I work with start off nervous about online dating, regardless of whether or not they have tried it before. And because of those nerves, it is easy for women to misinterpret communication from men.

Specifically, the profiles I help women create elicit the most positive responses from men. So positive that men will say things like:

I wondered why on earth you were on here.

*Screech and rewind…*

Now, I know what you might be thinking. That sentence actually sounds like a possible insult. And I just might agree with you, if I didn’t know first-hand how often women extract one sentence from what a man says and forget to acknowledge the context, in order to make him wrong and push him away.

In fact, what this man said to my client was:

This is probably a bit shallow, but you look model-gorgeous and I wondered why on earth you were on here. You are attractive, but it doesn’t define you. I like that a lot. You and I both know that you are quite a catch, but I might well be a match for you too, although not in such an obvious way.

Hence he was complimenting her.

Men aren’t always perfect with their words, regardless of how educated and articulate they are.

Also Lovergirl, even the most confident of men are intimidated by your beauty, which means that they can become blubbering idiots in your presence. So I’d like you to cut them a little slack, and don’t be afraid to ask them to clarify what they mean.

And after that, if there is no other conclusion besides “He really is being a total jerk-off”, then you should send him on his way.

But I guarantee you that if you assume that 98 percent of men are being respectful and complimentary towards you, your love life will start to become magical.

Now onto the second ginormous mistake women make that screws them romantically with men.

2. She discounts and fires men for being too nice.

So before you say anything else… yes, I totally get it. It’s not a huge turn on to be with a guy who is so nice that he has no backbone.
I agree with you. 100 percent. BUT there is something I have to disclose. Remember when I said earlier that men can become blubbering idiots in the presence of someone that mesmerizes them? As each woman I work with learn to own her specific, individual type of beauty and interact with men in a different way, the unfortunate result is that she will encounter more blubbering idiots than she ever has before.

Still, there is good news, because this is only a temporary side effect. Men worth your time will soon level out and learn to keep the right amount of nice. Also, I teach my clients ways to manage male attention that help men fast track this process.

But the most important piece, if you truly want a magical love life, is that it is absolutely necessary that you start paying attention only to the men that are treating you the way you really want to be treated romantically.

Which means if he rarely calls, gives you little attention, treats you like you are one of many options, then he doesn’t get your attention.

Ultimately, if you learn to enjoy and pay attention to the men who treat you that way you really want to be treated, then you will end up with the man of your dreams.

If you only pay attention to those unworthy of your attention, then you will end up emotionally lonely – even if he is right next to you.

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Here’s to your having everything you want romantically. XO