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49 He Saw My Crazy – Is There Still A Chance? Dating Advice With Single Smart Female

I acted crazyAll of us have our own “crazy”. Did he see yours?

Are you wondering if you guys still have a chance? Find out on this episode of Single Smart Female plus learn our special techniques for cleaning up crazy.

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I acted crazy

49 I Acted Crazy – Is There Still A Chance? Show Notes

Essential Learning Points from this Episode:
01:37 – Question from Crazy in Love in New Jersey
06:42 – Did her crazy actually push him away?
07:46 – When a man’s communication pattern changes, he may be considering this with you, so don’t freak out.
08:42 – The information we put out at Single Smart Female is exclusively for this purpose. Please do not use it do to this.
10:04 – You should do this to your online dating profile if you want drastically better results.
10:14 – Do this and start amazing conversations with men
12:04 – Get some great dates underneath your belt by doing this –and avoiding these too.
12:51 – All of us are crazy, but we need to remember this
13:40 – If you are going to try and start something with him again after he sees your crazy, this has to happen first.
14:41 – How to clean up crazy
22:14 – Final Thought

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Strategically contact him in a memorable way.

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I Acted Crazy