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50 How To Have The Upper Hand In Dating – Dating Help With Single Smart Female

who calls the shots in loveMost women think men call the shots in dating. They couldn’t be more wrong.

Find out how on this episode of Single Smart Female.


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How To Have The Upper Hand In Dating Show Notes

Essential Learning Points from this Episode:

who calls the shots in love03:17 – This is the reason why Single Smart Female exists
03:57 – The first piece to having the upper hand in dating
09:14 – There’s a great foundation that you can use for your love life
14:45 – The second piece in having the upper hand in dating
15:10 – If you’re not 100% sure that you won’t cave about having sex with him, then think about this before you open your mouth
17:05 – You don’t have to do this because wonderful things can happen to you
19:16 – Give yourself permission to do this, because it’s okay if things don’t go the way you want them to
20:50 – This is the candy-coated crap that women are taught about dating and it doesn’t work
21:47 – The third piece in having the upper hand in dating
25:21 – Great tips on how you can let your man adore you

Important Links and Mentions in this Episode:

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Who Calls The Shots In Dating?